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25% of Sublette County's adult population has been COVID-19 vaccinated.

Sublette COVID Briefing: April 30, 2021

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) reported 11 new COVID-19 cases in Sublette County since last Friday’s briefing. There are currently 17 active cases in Sublette County, with 752 recoveries, and 7 deaths, for a total of 776 cases since the pandemic began. See attached graphic for a visual of the trends of the pandemic in our community.

As of April 29, Sublette County Public Health has fully vaccinated 2,059 people. According to data from the Wyoming Department of Health, as of April 26, Sublette county has fully vaccinated 25.52% of our adult population over the age of 18, compared to 64.81% of Teton County’s adult population and 31.04% of Sweetwater County’s adult population.

4/29/21 — Moderna Vaccine Doses given in Sublette County

  • 1st doses= 2,135

  • 2nd doses= 1,874

  • Total Doses = 4,009

4/29/21— Janssen Vaccine Doses Given In Sublette County. Clinics are being scheduled for next week for Johnson & Johnson vaccine--see sign up information below.

  • Total Doses Given = 185

If you missed this week’s video briefing, please take a few minutes to watch at the link below. Janna Lee talks about different vaccines and how they work in our bodies, she also announces the implementation of a new vaccine registration system. Dr. Fitzsimmons explains that mRNA vaccines do not alter or change our DNA.

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Sublette COVID-19
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