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A Process for Exceptions to Public Health Orders

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Sublette County Public Health Officer Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons has developed an application process for businesses interested in an exception from a public health order.

This exception application process applies only to Public Health Orders as follows: Order #1 closing bars, restaurants, theaters, gymnasiums, childcare facilities, K-12 schools, colleges, universities and grade schools statewide; and Order #3 for the temporary closure of nail salons, hair salons, barber shops, massage therapy service, tattoo, body art and piercing shops, and cosmetology, electrology and esthetic services.

Each of these orders provides for exceptions on a case-by-case basis as authorized by each County’s Health Officer, under the direction of the State Health Officer. In order to be considered for an exception, applications forms are available on must be completed and submitted electronically to

Completion of an application does not guarantee an exception to the above orders or any continuation thereof.

Dr. Fitzsimmons notes:

“Applications can be submitted on Friday, but not before then. Please be very meticulous with that application and very detailed in making a Safety Operation Plan.

On Friday I will do my best to review all those applications. I do have other duties that will require my attention and I can’t predict to what extent my attention will be required on my other duties. As part of that review, I will reach out to each applicant and have an initial discussion, and will set up a time that I can interview you in your place of business and review your Safety Operation Plan.

I would like to be able to devote the afternoons of next week to these interviews. I anticipate doing this myself, but a colleague from the Public Health Office may also do this, either with me or by themselves. I expect that we may modify your Safety Operation Plan at that time – it would behoove you to be able to and prepared to do that at that time.

If everything goes well and your application is approved, we would grant an exception that would go into effect on May 1. That day is chosen because the statewide order is set to expire on April 30, in which case all our work – yours and ours – will be wasted. But with the schedule we have set up, if it is extended, we will be ready to start work on the 1st of May.

We have throughout this pandemic deferred to Governor Gordon and Dr. Harrist, our State Health Officer, whenever possible. This not just a matter of respect but also comes from a deep appreciation that our fortunes are intricately aligned with those of our fellow Wyomingites.

I again urge everyone to bear with us as we cautiously and deliberately begin to loosen some of these mitigation strategies that have served us all so well. It’s important that we have a measured process and that we don’t jump the gun, but I do believe we are close to turning a corner.”

To access the application form, click here.
To access OSHA Guidelines for businesses, click here.
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