Additional Coronavirus-Related Deaths Confirmed

Additional coronavirus-related deaths among Wyoming residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been confirmed, according to the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH).

An older adult Fremont County woman with health conditions recognized as putting patients at higher risk of serious illness related to COVID-19 died in late August. The woman had been hospitalized in another state for treatment.

An older adult Washakie County man died in July after being hospitalized. The man had been exposed to the virus during a previously identified local nursing home outbreak.

An older adult Lincoln County man with health conditions died in late June. The man had been hospitalized in another state for treatment.

And older adult woman who was a Park County resident died in July in an out-of-state hospital after being exposed to the virus in an out-of-state long-term care facility where she was receiving care.

It is not unexpected to experience delays in reporting deaths among Wyoming residents that occur in other locations.

Deaths among Wyoming residents are added to the state’s coronavirus-related death total based on official death certificate information and the location of the person’s permanent residence. Deaths among Wyoming residents who pass away in other states are not counted in both states. If death certificates do not describe COVID-19 as either causing or contributing to a person’s death, those deaths are not included in Wyoming’s count of coronavirus-related deaths.

WDH reporting of coronavirus-related deaths among Wyoming residents follows the same standards that have long been used by the state for tracking influenza-related deaths.

Among Wyoming residents, there have now been 41 coronavirus-related deaths, 3,282 lab-confirmed cases and 584 probable cases reported.


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