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Alternative Housing For Emergency Responders

The Sublette COVID-19 Response Group has made arrangements with a Pinedale lodging establishment to house local emergency responders or healthcare workers if necessary. This is simply to provide alternative housing to local healthcare workers who may be exposed to COVID-19 and who would prefer not to risk the spread of the coronavirus to their families by returning home during a period of isolation or quarantine. First responders and healthcare workers would not be mandated to use the hotel room but would simply be given that option.

The Response Group has established occupancy rules for hotel use, and no hotel staff would come in contact with emergency responders or healthcare providers lodging there. No matter where our workers would be housed, they will be monitored by medical providers. In addition, the Wyoming Department of Health has invited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to bring a Community Protection Initiative Team to Wyoming for a temporary mission to supplement the work of WDH in helping to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19 in Wyoming. It is not known if this 5-person team will be visiting Sublette County, but Wyoming welcomes their effort to help.

Sublette COVID-19
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