Mask Order Extended, Modified

Sublette County’s mask order has been extended through Jan. 8, 2021, with the following modifications:

1) Section 2 expands the definition of a “business” to include “any business entity (retail or commercial) that employs or engages workers or volunteers.”

2) Section 6 follows from that expanded definition and requires people in work spaces to wear masks (whether or not members of the public enter those spaces) when social distancing cannot be maintained. 3) Section 8b defines minors exempt from this order as those under the age of 12. Children 3 to 12 years of age are encouraged to wear face coverings.

4) Section 8k requires a person to remove a face covering when requested by law enforcement officials for identification purposes.

This countywide mask order applies to situations when a person is inside, or in line to enter, any business, or any government facility open to the public, including county and municipal buildings; for visits to health care facilities and service providers; and for transportation such ride-sharing or shuttle services.

Although children under the age of 12 are exempt from the county order, this order has does not apply to school settings. Wyoming Health Order Number 1 sets out requirements for social distancing and masking for the state’s school systems.

Please read the full details of the mask order here.


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