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Restaurants & Bars Variance:

Updated: May 8, 2020

New Sublette County Health Officer Public Health Variance #1 to Take Effect Saturday May 9th, 2020

The Sublette County Health Officer Public Health Variance #1 will take effect on Saturday May 9th, 2020. This variance states that restaurants, food courts, cafes, coffeehouses, bars, taverns, brew pubs, breweries, microbreweries, distillery pubs, wineries, tasting rooms, special licensees, clubs and other places of public accommodation offering food, beverages, or alcoholic beverages within Sublette County may operate if they follow 21 specific restrictions which include;

1. All customers need to be seated at tables (including booths)

2. Tables are limited to groups of 6, preferably of the same household

3. Tables with guests must be spaced at least 6 feet apart from each other

4. Signage must be used to remind individuals of social distancing practices and floor markers are needed in waiting areas to indicate proper spacing

5. The business is responsible to monitor proper social distancing guidelines for staff and customers

6. Staff will need to wear face coverings at all times and wash or sanitize their hands between interactions with each table

7. Tables cannot be set prior to customer arrival

8. Tables will be cleared by a dedicated staff member only after all guests have left

9. All aspects of the dining area will be sanitized after guests have left. This includes’ tables, menus, pens, salt and pepper shakers, chairs, etc.

10. The businesses may not operate if necessary PPE and necessary cleaning supplies are not available

11. Hand sanitizer must be available immediately adjacent to bathrooms

12. All high touch surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected in the morning, afternoon, and evenings

13. No self-serve food service or buffet options are available unless food is pre-packaged; no drink refills are allowed in the same containers

14. Any paper product that touches food must be treated as food; To-go boxes, pizza boxes, paper cups etc.

15. Staff will wear gloves when handling ready to eat foods, not those that have yet to be cooked

16. Employees must be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 or exposure to an individual with COVID-19 before each shift (employees with symptoms will be unable to work, and logs must be kept and available for inspection)

17. Self service condiments should be eliminated unless they can be cleaned adequately

18. Contactless and no signature payment is encouraged; if not possible, card and payment stations must be sanitized after each use; staff will sanitize hands between handling payment options and food containers

19. Records of staff working hours by date and time will need to be maintained in the event that contract tracing is necessary

20. Playgrounds in the businesses must remain closed

21. No dart/pool leagues, dances, events, or karaoke may take place at the business

(Any person or legal entity that violates this variance shall be subject to criminal prosecution)

The Sublette County Health Officer may grant exceptions to the Countywide Variance on a case by case basis after evaluating the request and obtaining written approval from the State Health Officer. This Countywide Variance will remain in effect until such time as the Sublette County Health Officer enters a decision to revoke or modify this variance under the direct supervision of the State Health Officer.

Copies of the signed variance orders can be found on


Sublette COVID-19 Response Group

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Sublette COVID-19
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