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Some PUA claimants must file a new UI claim

Due to the quarter change, the Unemployment Insurance system is using new base period wages. Because of this, Unemployment Insurance claimants who are receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits must file a new regular Unemployment Insurance claim before continuing to receive benefits from this CARES Act program. 

If you are receiving PUA benefits and you receive an error message when you attempt to file a continued claim, you must file a new regular unemployment claim. The message states: “The Benefit Year of your regular unemployment claim has ended. You must attempt to file a new regular unemployment claim before payment can continue.” This can be done in the WYUI.wyo.govsystem, or you can call 307-473-3789 to file by phone. 

Please note: When you are filing your new initial claim for regular unemployment, please answer "NO" to the following question: "Are you unemployed as a result of a major pandemic which occurred in Wyoming and was declared by the President of the United States?" If you answer "YES," it can cause errors and delays on your claim.  

If you have an existing PUA claim and have already submitted proof of wages, you will not need to resubmit those documents. You will need to wait until after your eligibility for the new regular unemployment claim has been determined before you can file a continued claim for payment. The time needed to establish the new claim is about a week.

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