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Sublette COVID-19 Update

Vaccine Schedule:

Sublette County Public Health is excited to begin administration of COVID-19 vaccine to Wyoming Department of Health’s Priority Groups in Phase 1B. Due to the limited supply of vaccines allotted to Sublette County and the need to distribute these vaccinations in an orderly fashion, registration will be required for those wishing to receive a vaccination.

No vaccinations will be administered without a completed registration and a scheduled appointment.

Registration is now open for individuals age 70+. To sign up for the vaccine waiting list, there are two options:

· Complete the Google Survey @ or

· Call Public Health @ 307-367-2157 for assistance with registration.

· Registration will put you on the waiting list. Public Health will call you when vaccine is available to schedule your appointment date & time.

What is happening in Sublette County with COVID-19 Vaccine?

Sublette County Public Health is coordinating vaccine distribution in Sublette County. We have almost completed groups within Phase 1A (health care providers, EMS, Fire Department, Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol, Sublette Center residents & staff, and Public Health workers). We will quickly move into Phase 1B groups next week. We are currently receiving an allotment of 100 doses of Moderna Vaccine each week & will attempt to schedule appointments to use all of these doses weekly.

What can I expect moving forward?

• Public Health will continue to follow the rules established by the Wyoming Department of Health—Phase 1A & 1B priority guidelines.

• We will schedule appointments with the pre-registered individuals in the current group; you will get a phone call from Public Health.

• Public Health will be planning ahead with future groups to move forward quickly down the list.

We are coordinating with the County Fairgrounds and the Mountain Man Museum to facilitate drive-thru vaccination clinics on a weekly basis (much like our flu clinics this year).

How will I know when it is my turn to sign up?

  • Public Health will rely on our partners to help us put out information via Pinedale Online, local newspapers, weekly video update, Facebook, COVID-19 website, and local radio stations to provide outreach to the larger groups in the community as we move into the next phase.

  • We will work individually with targeted priority groups, including the school districts, preschools, etc., to plan ahead for vaccination clinics.

  • Stay tuned! There will be a Phase 1C Priority Group List coming from the Wyoming Department of Health’s Medical Ethics Committee. That will dictate the next groups in line for vaccination. These vaccines are free of charge.

Pinedale Public Health Office Hours Changing For the Near Future

  • Pinedale Public Health Office will be closed on most Tuesdays & Thursdays for our staff to be able to provide COVID-19 vaccine clinics around Sublette County.

  • Please call for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 8-12, 1-5 p.m. for our regular Public Health services in Pinedale. Call 367-2157 to schedule your appointment.

  • Please call for appointments on Tuesdays 9-4 p.m. at our Marbleton Public Health Office (no change in hours for Marbleton Office). Call 276-3575 to schedule your appointment.

Weekly Briefing:

Did you miss today's Facebook Live weekly video briefing? Click on the video to learn about the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and the county's vaccination schedule.

Janna Lee's presentation is available for viewing here:

Moderna & Phase 1B Updates January 6, 20
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Sublette COVID-19
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