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Sublette COVID Briefing: April 23, 2021

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) reported 11 new COVID-19 cases in Sublette County in the past 7 days. There are currently 11 active cases in Sublette County, with 746 recoveries and 7 deaths, for a total of 765 cases since the pandemic began.

As of April 22, Sublette County Public Health has fully vaccinated 1,836 people. As the attached graphic from The Wyoming Department of Health shows, Sublette County has fully vaccinated a total of 17.14% of our population over 18 years of age, 36.1% of our population over 65 years of age.

4/22/21 — #Moderna Vaccine Doses given in Sublette County

  • 1st doses= 2,105

  • 2nd doses= 1,836

  • Total Doses = 3,941

4/22/21— #Janssen Vaccine Doses Given In Sublette County. The Janssen vaccine is currently on pause, pending review from the CDC, FDA and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Total Doses Given = 185

If you missed this week’s video briefing, please take a few minutes to watch at the link below. Public Health talks about the rate of community spread in the county, Dr. Fitzsimmons explains that we are seeing statewide signs of moving to an endemic and encourages people to seek medical attention when needed.

With the widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines, the Sublette COVID-19 Response Group has wound down its interagency command effort and has shifted all pandemic-related activities to Sublette County Public Health. This website ( will remain the source for the most current and accurate information on COVID-19 and the vaccination program in Sublette County.

The Sublette COVID-19 Response Group will no longer be maintaining its Facebook page, so please follow Sublette County Public Health on Facebook for the latest information. Find that link here:

____________________________________________________ FYI--Public Health will be providing this weekly email briefing, on Facebook and this website on Fridays for weekly updated information for partners, media, and elected officials. Big thank you to everyone that has been involved with this response effort--we could not be where we are without your ongoing support!

Sublette COVID-19
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