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Taking Care of Our Community

Let’s face it: we are all weary of this pandemic and just want things to go back to normal. But things are not normal – we are involved a global pandemic, and a declared national emergency. It’s important to continue efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but it's also important to understand that this situation poses substantial stress to individuals throughout our communities.

The fact is that our community is enhanced when we make a point to practice kindness to others.

Simple things can make a big difference. Things like:

• Being a good neighbor - check in and make sure they are doing okay.

• Supporting local businesses – show your appreciation that they are a part of our community.

• Being generous – whether it’s opening a door for someone, buying someone a cup of coffee, or simply being nice to a cashier in a store, it’s all appreciated.

• Considering the caregivers – it may be a family member providing home care, the staff working the desk at the medical clinic, or the healthcare worker giving you a flu shot, let them know they are appreciated.

• Helping others – reach out to give someone a hand, or express a kind word.

Kindness is contagious too. Pass it on.

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